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About Us

About Us

Expertly built custom bicycle wheels, assembled and fine tuned by hand in Colorado Springs, CO.

Custom Wheel Builder was started in 2019 by friends with over 20 years of combined industry experience. The vision; build the highest quality custom wheels that perfectly match customer's riding and aesthetic styles.

By using only the best tools and materials, we can focus on the smallest details and dial in wheels to near perfection. Our emphasis on even tension and stress relieving keeps wheels true and rolling for years and thousands of miles.

Jack B - Sales/Support

Jack has worked in the cycling industry almost his entire working life. Starting in the Colorado Cyclist's receiving department at 15 years old, to running CC's national advertising campaigns after graduating from Colorado State University,  Jack has done almost every job a bike shop has to offer.

After helping to move the Colorado Cyclist's custom wheel program advertising from a catalogue format to an online format, custom wheel sales spiked over 400%.

In 2018, Jack left the Colorado Cyclist to start his own business, launching Custom Wheel Builder in early 2019. If you drop us a line, it will most likely be Jack helping match you with your dream wheels.

Todd W - Wheel Builder

Todd's bike adventure began like any kid in the Chicago suburbs in the 1960s - with a Schwinn Stingray and baseball cards clipped to the fenders. Soon, his family moved back to Santa Cruz and in the mid 70s he had two paper routes and a custom blue two-tone steel 10-speed.

After serving in the United States Air Force and a long career in IT as a private citizen, Todd decided to change things up, and entered the bicycle industry as a mechanic. Special thanks to Sarah, Lawrence, & Shawn of Epicenter Cycling and JoAnn of Bike Station/Bicycle Trip for giving Todd his first work in the industry.

In 2020, Todd was introduced to Jack B of Custom Wheel Builder by Wilkie & Chris of Elevation Wheel Company (a fantastic Colorado Springs full service bicycle shop). Todd has been building wheels for CWB ever since, to the delight of his coworkers and customers riding the wheels he's expertely built.