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About Us

Eli C. - Wheel Builder

Eli has been riding and racing bikes for the past 8 years and has been working in shops the last 4. While stationed in Japan serving with the US Navy, Eli discovered his passion for cycling, and it's only grown since. Eli possess a unique passion for wheels that only the best builders enjoy. Eli learned his craft from multiple master wheel builders and has become phenomenal at his trade. He understands exactly what it takes to build the best possible wheels. Presently, Eli's wheels are being happily ridden all across the US.

In his own words, Eli sums up his feelings about the art of custom wheel building. "My life is centered in the wheel. Living as a competitive cyclist wouldn't be possible without it. Naturally, having the best wheels is important to enjoying your activities. A good performing bicycle wheel deflects, spins, flexes and transfers all of the forces you place on it and returns to center effortlessly for thousands of blissful kilometers. The perfect wheel is built by seeking balance. My passion is finding it."

Chris M. - Wheel Building Partner

Chris owns his own wheel and service business in Colorado Springs, Elevation Wheel Company, and we are lucky to have him as a partner. Chris is passionate about the small details you can't see but will make the difference between a wheel that lasts for a thousand miles versus a wheel that lasts for tens of thousands of miles. Things like even spoke tension, thorough stress relieving and selecting the best materials for your needs are what Chris focuses on. Chris has been working in the industry for 10+ years and has built thousands of bicycle wheels. If you are in Colorado Springs, stop in Chris' shop and say hello.


Jack B. - Everything Else

Jack has worked in the cycling industry off and on for 15 years. From working in a warehouse to running national advertising campaigns, Jack has done almost every job a bike shop has to offer. If you drop us a line, it will most likely be Jack helping match you with your dream wheels.