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Stan's NoTubes Baron CB7 Custom Hand Built Mountain Disc Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Baron CB7 Custom Hand Built Mountain Disc Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Baron CB7 Custom Hand Built Mountain Disc Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Baron CB7 Custom Hand Built Mountain Disc Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Baron CB7 Custom Hand Built Mountain Disc Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Baron CB7 Custom Hand Built Mountain Disc Wheelset

Stan's NoTubes Baron CB7 Custom Hand Built Mountain Disc Wheelset

Wheels are built 100% by hand based on your specific needs.

Please note, our build queue is currently around one week, plus or minus a few days, if all parts are in stock or available right away. If parts are not available right away, your build time will be based on how long it takes to source the last component of your order. Lead times for different components vary widely, so please contact for up to date information on in stock items and lead times. Build pages do not reflect in stock inventory.

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Custom Stan's NoTubes Baron CB7 wheels, handbuilt in Colorado, with your choice of hubs from Chris King, DT Swiss, Hope, Industry Nine, Onyx, Project 321, Shimano or White Industries.
  • Designed for trail riding

  • 35mm internal width for added tire support

  • Asymmetric Bead Socket Technology brings Stan’s legendary easy inflation and the most reliable airtight seal to wider, offset carbon rims

  • Asymmetric rim shape with offset drilling improves bracing angle and balances spoke tension to create a stronger overall wheel

  • Custom carbon layup equalizes impact forces on both the long and short sides of the rim, making both stronger   

  • Low-profile sidewalls and RiACT rim design creates a lighter rim that absorbs impacts for less rolling resistance and superior ride quality

  • WideRight rim design optimized for tires up to 3.20”

  • Custom build options and decal colors

  • Register your rims for 7-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement

The Baron CB7 is a light and strong carbon trail rim with a 35mm inner width that offers added support for wider tires, and an asymmetric design that creates a stronger overall wheel. Stan’s partnered with the carbon experts at Ibis to develop the Baron CB7 and bring a new level of tubeless performance to wider carbon rims.

It took our engineers a great deal of thought and testing to create the Baron CB7. Wide carbon rims are everywhere these days, but the truth is that most of them have real problems. Many are difficult to work with when it comes to mounting, inflating, and removing tubeless tires and don’t offer as reliable an airtight seal under impacts and hard cornering. It’s also tough to find a wide carbon rim that’s durable and light without being overly harsh. Wider, stiff rims also put more stress on spokes and hubs, leading to more frequent repairs. 

Together with the carbon experts at Ibis, our engineers developed the Baron CB7 rim to solve every one of these problems. By combining a strong and light asymmetric rim design with Stan’s patented Bead Socket Tubeless technology, we created the first wide carbon rim able to live up to the high standards we set for tubeless performance.

The Baron CB7 uses an asymmetric design with offset spoke hole drilling to improve the bracing angle of the spokes and create a more stable, wider base that offers more support for the rim. When it comes to making a strong wheel, it’s tough to beat an asymmetric design, and Ibis has been using them for years, but until now, asymmetric designs offered relatively poor tubeless performance due to an imbalance caused by the two differently shaped sides of the rim. To solve this problem, our engineers developed a version of our patented Bead Socket Technology specifically made for asymmetric rims.

With five patents and counting, Bead Socket Technology tubeless rims make it easier to install, inflate, and remove tires. BST also offers the most dependable airtight seal in all conditions.  Stan’s trademark low sidewalls are another aspect of BST the not only improves tubeless performance, but provides increased strength while saving rotational weight for faster acceleration.

The asymmetric design of the Baron CB7 also incorporates Stan’s radial impact absorbing carbon technology, RiACT. Low sidewalls and careful attention to shape and lay-up let RiACT carbon rims deflect radially to absorb impacts and vibrations, making them more durable, more comfortable and faster rolling, while still maintaining excellent lateral stiffness.

The strong low sidewalls and asymmetric shape of the Baron CB7 lets us build it to be light but extremely strong. Register your wheels with us and your Baron CB7 wheelset is backed up by our 7-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement offer. 

The Baron CB7 combines a lightweight and strong asymmetric design with the world’s best tubeless system. With the combined experience of Stan’s and Ibis, the Baron CB7 is wide carbon done right.

Rim Internal Width: 35.0mm            ETRTO: 584x35.0 (27.5") / 622x35.0 (29")
Rim External Width: 41.0mm   ISO: 27.5" x 41mm / 29" x 41mm
Rim Depth: 18.3mm   Tape: 36mm
Hole Count: 32-hole   Valve: Presta
Rim Color: Black   Max Spoke Tension: 105KgF (1030N)
Material: Carbon   Max Pressure with 2.8" Tire: 26 psi
Brakes: Disc only   Max Pressure with 3.2" Tire: 22 psi
ERD: 564mm, 5mm Offset (27.5") / 602mm, 5mm Offset (29")    Rim Weight: 420g (27.5”) / 455g (29”)